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          Articles of Incorporation          By-Laws 1907
          By-Laws  (Revised 2016)
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By-Laws   MS Word Version
The By-Laws of The Oquaga Lake Improvement Association, Inc. can be found on this page.
Boating Rules
On a small lake like ours, voluntary compliance with Rules is essential, for the good and the safety of all our public neighbors.
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Boat Stickers
Oquaga Lakers  are requested to have boat stickers on their watercraft to identify themselves as residents.  Please read the policy.
There Are Bears in the Neighborhood
Read to your children, and post for your guests to read.
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Annual Meetings  Most Annual Meeting minutes after 2015 include .mp3 audio
2019 Annual Meeting      2018 Annual Meeting     2017 Annual Meeting     2016 Annual Meeting
2015 Annual Meeting      2014 Annual Meeting     2013 Annual Meeting     2012 Annual Meeting
2011 Annual Meeting      Link to Sewer Page        Listen to Audio recording of the Meeting
2010 Annual Meeting      2009 Annual Meeting     2008 Annual Meeting     2007 Annual Meeting
2006 Annual Meeting      2005 Annual Meeting     2004 Annual Meeting     2003 Annual Meeting
2002 Annual Meeting
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Remember When?  Prior Annual Meetings
1980 Annual Meeting     1981 Annual Meeting     1982 General Meeting    1982 Annual Meeting
1983 General Meeting    1983 Annual Meeting     1984 General Meeting    1984 Annual Meeting
1985 Annual Meeting     1986 Annual Meeting     1987 Annual Meeting     1988 General Meeting
1988 Annual Meeting     1989 General Meeting    1989 Annual Meeting 
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Opening Letters
2019 Opening Letter      2018 Opening Letter      2017 Opening Letter      2016 Opening Letter
2015 Opening Letter      2014 Opening Letter      2013 Opening Letter      2012 Opening Letter
2011 Opening Letter      2010 Opening Letter      2009 Opening Letter      2008 Opening Letter
2007 Opening Letter      2006 Opening Letter      2005 Opening Letter      2004 Opening Letter
2003 Opening Letter      2002 Opening Letter     
Town of Sanford
Town of Sanford Zoning Law:  Land Use Management Local Law #1 - 1992
        Town Section 4
Town of Sanford Driveway Design Standards
       Driveway Application
Town of Sanford: Jet Skis
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CSLAP (Citizen's Statewide Lake Assessment Program)  Water Quality Testing

Oquaga Lake voluntarily participates in the DEC (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) and NYS FOLA (New York State Federation of Lake Associations) Citizen's Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) lake monitoring program. The Fenning and Peduto families were key in starting the testing in 1989. The Millspaugh family is currently doing the annual testing.


Water testing results are also available on the NYSFOLA (New York State Federation of Lake Associations) website at this link:


2018 Water Quality Report          2019 Water Quality Report

2017 Water Quality Report          2016 Water Quality Report
2015 Water Quality Report          2015 Water Quality Scorecard     2015 Water Quality Questions and Answers
2014 Water Quality Report          2014 Water Quality Scorecard     2014 Water Quality Questions and Answers
2013 Water Quality Report          2013 Water Quality Scorecard
2012 Water Quality Report          2012 Water Quality Scorecard
2011 Water Quality Report          2011 Water Quality Scorecard
2010 Water Quality Report          2009 Water Quality Report          2008 Water Quality Report
2007 Water Quality Report          2006 Water Quality Report          2005 Water Quality Report
2004 Water Quality Report          2003 Water Quality Report          2002 Water Quality Report
1992 Water Quality Report          1990 Water Quality Report          1989 Water Quality Report
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