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August 2003

Dear Lake Association Resident:

The Board of Directors of the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association has decided to provide brightly colored identifying stickers for all water craft on the lake. These will identify the boats that belong to the residents of Oquaga Lake.

The numbered stickers are to be placed on either the right side of the windshield or the right side of the bow area of each water craft, so that it is visible from the shore or from other boats. This is the starboard or driver’s side of the boat.

Oquaga Lake is surrounded by private lands: property that is owned by you and your neighbors. There are continuing instances of trespass by non-residents who use the lake for fishing and other recreational purposes.

To access Oquaga Lake, a non-resident must cross an area of private property which, if done without the permission of the owner, constitutes trespass.

By identifying boats belonging to Oquaga Lake residents and their guests, other individuals not authorized to have lake access can be noted and appropriate authorities can be notified to take action.

Residents will be provided with color coded stickers for each of their boats and other water craft and, in addition if they so desire, “Guest” IDs which can be worn by their visitors who might be using the lake.

This will provide an easy method of identification for all residents and their guests. It will also provide a greater method of control and enable our friends at Scott’s Hotel, who graciously allow us to use their launching area, to determine who is authorized to use the lake. All hotels on the lake (Scott’s, Chestnut, Alexander’s B&B) will be provided with sufficient guest passes to ensure their guests will enjoy every aspect of their stay on beautiful Oquaga Lake.

It is with the cooperation of every resident of Oquaga Lake that we can continue to keep our Lake beautiful. By preventing unauthorized access to the lake we can better control our fish stocking program, prevent the introduction of zebra mussels and other potential environmental threats, and increase the basic security of our homes and property.

If you have water craft (motor boats, sail boats, row boats, canoes, kayaks, etc.), please call Barbara M and tell her how many stickers you will require. Also, if you have visitors who occasionally bring a water craft to use on the lake, please let Barbara know that as well, and we will provide a guest ID with lanyard that your guest can wear or carry while on the lake.

We appreciate your participation in this program. If you have comments regarding this plan, please contact any Board Member.

Last modified: 05/27/12


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