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The Oquaga Lake Improvement Association, Inc.


Easter 2017:  Photo copyright Philip Akel in Loving Memory of Ferris Akel


Located in the Town of Sanford in Broome County, New York on the very northwestern edge of the Catskill Mountains, Oquaga Lake (see aerial view)  is bordered entirely by private property, whose owners share a common love for the Lake, and therefore come together in the form of an Association.  Annual dues support the property owners' shared responsibility for the care, maintenance, and enjoyment of the Lake.


Our motto is 'speaking in one voice,' meaning an Association of Friends and Neighbors who acknowledge our shared appreciation and concern for the Lake that is known as Oquaga.



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This Site is under reconstruction.  For now, the website serves as an archive.


Oquaga Lake maintains an e-mail list for an e-letter, The Oquaga Lake News.  Check out the Now page for more information.  Or e-mail olia@oquaga.com.



The Purpose of the Association


To preserve, improve and protect Oquaga Lake and the lands adjoining the same and bordering thereon, all located in the Town of Sanford, Broome County, New York; to develop and promote the said territory as a summer resort; to prevent the contamination of the waters thereof; to further and advance the social and general welfare of the said territory and the owners and occupants thereof and the members of this Association; to do any and all acts necessary to carry into effect the foregoing objectives, including acquiring and holding title and property rights in and to the said Oquaga Lake, adjoining lands and springs and water courses in the vicinity.


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Link currently disabled:  On our Links page, you will be able to check out the websites of our Association business members, including Scott's Family Resort.


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Your Input Is Important!


Please, use the Contact Us page to send us your news, your thoughts and suggestions for this website, and comments in general.  If you wish to contact any board member, there is also a link for that.


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And Remember ...


Oquaga Lake, with the support of its Association, was the first lake in the State of New York to prohibit the use of jet skis and other specialty watercraft.  Remember, never any jet skis on Oquaga Lake!  See also our Boating Rules.


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Aerial View of Oquaga Lake


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Oquaga Lake is  surrounded entirely by private property.  There is no public lake access.

Crossing private property without the property owners permission is against the law.


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