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Annual Meeting Minutes

August 27, 2004



The annual meeting of the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association was called to order at 7:40 pm on August 27, 2004 at Scotts Family Resort by President Jim B.



Thirty-two of 100 paid association member properties being represented, constituting 33% of the Association membership; therefore, a quorum was present.  (Twenty percent is a quorum.)


A.  Opening Comments


President B welcomed everyone and promised to keep the meeting as informative, and at the same time, as concise as possible.


B.  Approval of Minutes and Treasurer's Report


The minutes of the August 29, 2003 meeting were read by secretary Barbara M.  With no corrections, Steve S moved that the minutes be approved as read; second by Mort Levy.


Marie D presented the Treasurer’s report, noting that expenditures are within budget so far this 2004 year.  Copies of the income statement and expense statement, summary of funds, and paid/unpaid members were distributed.


President B noted that it was the fourth year that income exceeded expenses.  Motion by Brenda L to accept the Treasurer’s report; second by Steve S.


C.  Committee Reports


Fish Committee:  Once again, stocking was done on Mother’s Day and Koen G reported that we stocked only about 900 trout, as $1500 doesn’t buy as many fish as it did in the past.  He thanked Dave C (Bill and Winnie P’s grandson/Wendy and Ed C’s son) for helping with the stocking, done at the Chestnut Inn.  Koen noted that the lake is less productive these days (less food for fish) and he has heard that people are catching more rainbows than browns.


Regarding the J Elmer Crowley Fishing Derby, Koen commented that there were twice as many participants this year (12) and that Skip K won the competition with the biggest fish, weighing about 3 pounds.


Care and Feeding of the Lake:  A copy of the State water quality report is available.  Once again, Andrew M has done the testing.  President Jim thanked both Andrew for his efforts, and his father Mark for providing the funding the project before the Association reimbursed him.


Koen G after a cursory scan of the report, pointed to two significant features: 1) we are not on any “list,” and 2) “Calcium levels are below the threshold necessary to support the growth and establishment of mussels.”


Sewer:  President Jim stated that last year the Board had attended several meetings with the Town of Sanford regarding the required improvements to the sewer district and that it was thought there probably would be no increase in the charges.  He was sad and apologetic that the estimates for the improvements came in over budget and therefore an increase is forthcoming.


It was noted that the estimate came in 30% higher than the Town’s consultant estimated.  Ferris commented that the Jim’s apology was not necessary; if an apology is due, it is from the consultant.  Dick Marko commented that in recent discussions with others in the engineering firms and municipalities, many bids have come in 20% to 30% over estimate this year.




What will the new costs be?  Unknown at this time.  We will recalculate and make it known in the Newsletter, once we know it.


Capacity?  We are beyond the number of hook-ups originally proposed for the system, but the plant capacity is around 50 to 55% percent in peak months.


Future hook-ups?  While we cannot deny anyone the right to hook-up to our sewer district, they (the builder/property owner) must bear the cost of the connection.


D.  New Business:


Sewer System Advisory Committee:  President Bennett, at the recommendation of the Board of Directors and after OLIA Board members attendance at Town of Sanford meetings, suggested that an advisory board be appointed.   This board will intermediate between the OLIA Board and the Town of Sanford regarding our sewer district.  Basically, they will “watch dog” the process of renovating the plant and the budget.  They will act as decision makers on behalf of the Association and the Board, and will report to the OLIA Board.


The three proposed members are:  Ferris A, Dick M, Mark M, all of whom have been in attendance at most of the sewer board meetings thus far.  [Secretary’s note:  subsequent to the Annual Meeting, the Sewer Committee met and invited Dick H to be a member of the committee as well.]


Building Moratorium


The Association’s interest is to maintain the property between the shoreline and 35 feet back.  The moratorium is on all buildings between these boundaries, except docks.  The moratorium expires in late October and we are awaiting the recommendations of the Town’s attorney, Cathy Schaewe.


President B noted that neither the Association nor the Board is trying to regulate anything, except within 35 feet of the water.  Anything outside that is between the property owner, the Town, Zoning Board of Appeals, and the existing neighbors.


The question was asked if existing property or improvements would be grandfathered.  President Jim stated the Board understanding that anything done in accordance with the law would be grandfathered.  However, these decisions are made by the Town and those dealing with the Town are subject to town regulations.


Nominating Committee:  The following terms expire this year, but all existing Board Members volunteered to remain:  Ferris A, Barbara M (Secretary), Steve S, Doris Scott.  Nominations were solicited from the floor and none were offered.  By a voice vote, all were re-elected.


General Comments


Prez Jim:  Thanks to Wendy for the revived Newsletter.  There was applause.  As Wendy is away, husband Ed (in attendance with son Dave) responded on her behalf in thanking the Association for their participation and support.  Ed commented that it is “a labor of love” for Wendy.




With thanks to Doris Scott for the use of their facility and for the refreshments, Jim asked for a motion to adjourn, which was offered by Steve S and seconded by Dave M.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 by Jim Bt.


Minutes respectfully submitted:

Barbara Marko 

Board of Directors Meeting to Appoint Officers 

Attending:  Ferris A, Jim B, Marie D, Koen G, Dick H, Brenda L, Barbara M, Doris S, Steve S, John S, Richard S, Herb S. 

As required for the By-Laws, the meeting of the newly appointed and existing Board members convened at 8:52 pm on August 29 to elect Officers.  A motion was made by Steve S that the current slate of officers as last year, remain in office this year.  After a comment from President Jim Bennett that perhaps the responsibility should be shared, the motion was called and simultaneously seconded by Dick H and Herb S and others.  Passed unanimously.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:54 pm. 

Annual Meeting Attendees (32 properties represented)


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