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Annual Meeting Minutes
August 28, 2009


The annual meeting of the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association was called to order at 8:00 pm promptly on August 28, 2009, at Scotts Family Resort by President Jim B.

Twenty-six of 93 paid association member properties being represented, constituting 28% of the Association membership; therefore, a quorum was present. (By-Laws require twenty percent as a quorum.)

A. Opening Comments

Jim thanked Doris and Ray for once again opening up their facility for the annual meeting.

The new owners and members on the lake were acknowledged; Alex and Jacqueline C of Massachusetts (not present) bought the former Bed and Breakfast. The passing of Dr Thomas S, Ralph R, Richard M, and Austin R were noted, as were serious injuries to Tim B and Laurie K.

B. Approval of Minutes and Treasurer's Report

The minutes of the August 29, 2008 meeting were read by secretary Barbara M. Motion to accept the minutes as read by Ferris A; second by Herb S.

Marie delivered the treasurer’s report. The list of paid/unpaid members was distributed. One more member paid dues at the meeting. Marie noted that last December, at the end of the fiscal year 2008, only six properties had not paid. It was suggested that some of the names on this year’s delinquent list might be oversights and a friendly reminder might get the dues paid. Legal actions against the repeat offenders was again suggested. Jim reminded the membership that the purpose of the dues is to build a reserve to make sure the lake is maintained and that we have the ability to pay for mandates. For example, there are new dam regulations that may require some expenditures.

Marie reviewed the income and expenditure statements. Jim noted that we were once more under budget. One item of interest was the second year anonymous fish fund donation and the donor was thanked. Motion to accept the report by Mort L; second by Larry T.

C. Committee Reports

Fish Committee: Stocking went well with a little over 600 fish, including about 10 percent browns.

Regarding the J Elmer Crowley Fishing Derby, Koen commented that there were twice as many people as last year and many of the 39 who participated were children. Once again, Skip K won with a brown trout. Koen commented that next year the event will once again be on the Fourth of July.

The question was asked if we shouldn’t be stocking some bait fish. There aren’t many bait fish in the lake, but it doesn’t make sense to stock, since the lake is too clean and too deep to grow micro-organisms to feed the bait fish, and would benefit mostly the bass.

Sewer: Jim noted that Mark M had been spearheading the sewer committee. There is no question that the sewer system is aging, in fact in some cases leaking into the ground water. E-coli has been found in some wells. There is an isolated area that has specific problems, including run-off and incorrect connection to the sewer system, which has been repaired. But it will take time for Mother Nature to eliminate the contamination. There is nothing the town can do. E-coli is a natural material in the earth, We need to check our wells yearly and shock with chlorine as necessary.

Mark has been collecting water testing results and found no firm patterns or conclusions. Age and location of the wells impact testing. All testing results data should be forwarded to Mark so we can build a database to map e-coli to help the town locate any problems, if necessary.

Members were reminded that there are two types of tests: e-coli and coliform. E-coli may be related to sewer; coliform is usually related to some form of decay, like a dead animal or other material in or near the well. Members were encouraged to request both tests when submitting water samples.

CSLAP. We continue in the NY State program and water quality is again high. However, the Lake is developing weeds in some areas. This is believed to be the result of drains running into the Lake in those areas. Mark has recommended testing the water at those drains, which would cost about $30 each for about twenty drains. Also, members were asked not to run drains into the lake without consulting the sewer committee.

Gas Drilling Update: Jim reminded the members that he had made a report last year and he continues to attend meetings. Jim stated that the Board’s position is that we are not political activists We are a lake improvement association. In their role, the Board will do everything in its power to protect the lake. It will attend meetings. But it will not support efforts to stop gas drilling. Some of our neighbors will benefit from gas drilling and the OLIA should not be part of an organized effort to prevent anyone from getting their due. The role of the board is to make our voice hear, at the proper time and in the proper forum, to make sure our lake is protected.

Jim opened the floor to comments:

Larry Ti offered a motion as follows: “The OLIA, after consultation with environmental and legal experts and deemed appropriate by the Board, should send a letter to the Delaware Watershed Commission and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (the two bodies responsible for the permitting gas drilling), expressing our concerns over the exploration and extraction of natural gas in the Marcellus deposit, and the consequences of the drilling and fracking process on the quality and integrity of the water in the Delaware Water Shed, as well as the impact and health and safety on resident citizens in the drilling area. The letter would address the need for each commission and agency to establish a permitting process, and requirements that fully protect the water quality and help the impacted citizens, and hold the drilling companies and its contractors accountable for the consequences of their drilling and extracting.”

Larry pointed out that the concern is for the health and safety of the water and the citizens. The target of the letter is permitting agencies. The motion was seconded and called, and passed by a majority vote. Larry T was appointed to write the letter.

Comments from the floor included:

• Short term economic gains shouldn’t be at the expense of long term consequences on public health and welfare in our community.
• Past experience with large corporations is that if they are given parameters to work in , they will do it. Otherwise they will run amok.
• There are lot of scare tactics on both sides. There is a lot of misinformation also.
• Lots of water is needed for gas drilling, but there may possibly a 12 acres minimum for water rights. Lake residents are still encouraged to research the effects and consult an attorney before making decisions on leasing their properties.
• In other places, there have been contamination and other issues. The issue should not be ignored and everyone has the responsibility to find out as much information as possible.

Jim related that he had gone to meetings and that the State and other commissions are involved. He noted that the biggest risk holder in our area is the Water Control Board of the City of New York, which gets its water from the nearby reservoir. We are fortunate that NYC is on our side.

New Business

Mort’s List”: If you have work done and are satisfied with work, the name should go on a list that members can share and use. If you have such information, please pass it to Barbara and she will start a database of this information that can be shared.

Deposit Childrens Day Care Gala raised about $10000 and much of it from the support of the lake owners who participated.

Election of Officers: Marie, Koen, Dick H, and Brenda’s terms are up. All have agreed to remain. There were no other nominations. Motion from Ferris, second from Mort, and passed unanimously.

Jim reminded those present there were condolence and get-well cards to be signed and that the winners pictures from the photo contest were on display.


Jim asked for a motion to dismiss; several people moved for it and many seconded. Accepted unanimously. The meeting was adjourned 9:05.

Minutes respectfully submitted:
OLIA Secretary
August 28, 2009

Board of Directors Meeting to Appoint Officers

Attending: Ferris A, Jim B, Bill B, Marie D, Koen G, Dick H, Brenda L, Barbara M, Doris S, Herb S, Larry T.

As required by the By-Laws, the Board of Directors met immediately following the general meeting for the appointment of Officers. The meeting was called to order at 9:09pm. Koen suggested that he would step aside as vice president in favor of Larry Ti. Motion to accept the existing the Officers with that modification. Second and passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 09:11pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted:
OLIA Secretary

August 28, 2009


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