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Annual Meeting Minutes

August 30, 2013



.mp3 Audio file - Opening

The Annual Meeting of the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association was called to order at 8:07 pm on August 30, 2013, at Scotts Family Resort by President Mark.




Twenty-four of 89 paid association member properties being represented, constituting 27% of the Association membership; therefore, a quorum was present.  (By-Laws require twenty percent as a quorum.)


A.  Opening Comments

Mark thanked those in attendance for coming and thanked Scotts for the continued use of their facilities and for the refreshments.


B.  Approval of Minutes and Treasurer's Report


.mp3 Audio file - Secretary

Barbara, Secretary, read the Minutes of the August 31, 2012 meeting.  A motion was made to accept the minutes as read by Brenda L, second by Dave Mac.  It was noted that minutes and audio are available on the website.


.mp3 Audio file - Treasurer

Marie D handed out the Treasurer’s report including membership list and financials.  There are 89 paid members, one associate member, and 14 unpaid members.  It was asked if there were consistently delinquent members.  Marie commented that there were all different situations: those who hadn’t paid recently but had this year, those who had paid previously and have not this year, etc.


Marie explained the new expense line item:  IRS application.  She said that in Spring of this year we received notice that we are not in compliance with new regulations regarding organizations.  The Board opted to proceed as a tax exempt organization with the IRS.  The fee is to submit the application, which we did two months ago.  We have received word that the IRS is looking at it.


Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report by Ed W, second by Ron A.


C.  Business


.mp3 Audio file - Water Quality

Water Quality:  Mark stated the CSLAP report is available on the internet and on the website.  He explained the water quality is good, the water clear, and the nutrient level low.  He noted that invasive species are a problem around the state and in other states.  It is essential to make sure we practice “safe sex for lakes” (a quote from DEC) by making sure boats, trailers and bilges are power washed before launching in Oquaga, if the boat has been on other bodies of water.

Mark noted there have been reports of weeds that are bothersome to some swimmers and samples can be sent to DEC for review.

The question was asked about the toilets and possibly a refrigerator in the water off one property.  DEC will be contacted, since the property owner had promised to remove the objects but did not.  It was originally reported to DEC three years ago.


.mp3 Audio file - Sewer

Sewer Report:  Mark reported that we are at the end of the second year of a three year program to update the collection systems, including electrical controls, pumps, and tanks.  This three to five year program is still ahead of schedule, with most properties updated except a few where home owners have covered the collection tanks through their own home improvements.  It may not be necessary to exercise years four and five of the plan and the additional assessment may not be necessary past year three.


.mp3 Audio file - Fishing

Fish report:  Koen has reports that rainbows are not being caught as much as brown trout.  We have been stocking of 90% rainbows, 10% browns.  If reports continue, he may reconsider that proportion.  He noted that the R family, especially Danny, assisted with the stocking on Mothers Day.


The Fishing Derby was on July 4.  Thirty-nine participants brought him about 150 fish.  Dan R had the largest overall and largest trout at three pounds.  Katie C, on behalf of her family, presented the largest non-trout: a 2 pound 4 ounce bullhead.


.mp3 Audio file - Committees

Committees:  Mark handed out a document showing committees that previously served at the Lake which covered a range from narrow to broad purposes.  These included land use and zoning, sewer, events, water quality, fishing, lake history, boating, and newsletters.


Participation in events is noticeably down in the past few years.  The Annual Meeting and Opening Party were not well attended this year and attendance at the Picnic is going down.  Mark suggested that it may be time to take a new look at what events would encourage more participation.  A discussion ensued with suggestions for improving involvement, including children and grandchildren.  It was suggested that the membership should be engaged and interviewed for input.   Larry T volunteered to lead a Membership Committee to do this.  Kathleen M agreed to chair an Events Committee


As recommended by the membership, a copy of the Committee hand-out, which includes a ‘Sign-Up for Committee’ section, should be made available to those not in attendance at this meeting.  Therefore, it will be included in the upcoming e-mail announcement that “minutes are available on the website” which will sent to the e-mail distribution shortly after this meeting.  It will also be on the website with this meeting’s Annual Minutes.  And it will be included with next year’s Opening Letter.


Picnic:  Jim B was thanked for his many years of organizing the picnic.  Phillip M will take over Jim’s coordination activities.


.mp3 Audio file - General

Issues from the floor:

     Two properties on Hanson Road were brought up.  One represents a possible danger to the community and the other an eye sore.  Code enforcement has been contacted and will inspect the one.  If there is a safety issue, action can be taken.  The other property reportedly has plans to do renovations next year. 

·     A trailer on Oquaga Lake Road was also discussed.  Trailers are only prohibited if they are permanent residences.  The Board will monitor this situation.

·     Beavers:  A permit has been received from the DEC for out of season trapping of the beavers and has been delivered to a local trapper.  Out of season, a beaver cannot be relocated.


.mp3 Audio file - Election

Election of Officers:  Doris S, Barbara M, Ferris A, and Barb C’s seat (term being filled by Larry T since Barb sold her property) expire this year.  Doris and Barbara will continue.  Ron A has agreed to serve and replace Ferris.  Joe R has agreed to fill the remaining seat.  Motion by Ferris A to accept the nominations, second by Dick H.  Passed unanimously.


Passages:  As it is customary to acknowledge past members who are no longer with us.  The passings of Irene H, Mary Pat R L, and Fred Hl were acknowledged.



Mark asked for a motion to adjourn; several people moved for it and many seconded.  Accepted unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned 8:55pm.


Minutes respectfully submitted:

OLIA Secretary

August 30, 2013


Board of Directors Meeting to Appoint Officers


.mp3 Audio file - Board Meeting

Attending:  Ron A, Jim B, Marie D, Jestina D, Koen G, Heather H, Dick H, Brenda L, Barbara M, Doris S

As required by the By-Laws, the Board of Directors met immediately following the general meeting for the appointment of Officers.  The meeting was called to order at 8:58pm.  Brenda made a motion that all Officers should remain in place; second by Dick.  Passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 8::59pm.


Minutes respectfully submitted:


August 30, 2013


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