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Annual Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2014




.mp3 Audio file - Opening  

The Annual Meeting of the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association was called to order at 8:05 pm on August 29, 2014, at Scotts Family Resort by President Mark M. 



Twenty-seven of 86 paid Association member properties being represented, constituting 31% of the paid membership; therefore, a quorum was present.  (By-Laws require twenty percent as a quorum.)


A.  Opening Comments


Mark noted there were no new owners in the neighborhood.  We also noted the passing of Lake residents Norm Dawson, David Martin, and Georgette Akel.


B.  Approval of Minutes and Treasurer's Report


.mp3 Audio file - Secretary    

Barbara M, Secretary, read the Minutes of the August 30, 2013 meeting.  A motion was made to accept the minutes as read by Dick H, second by Pat O.  It was noted that minutes and audio will be available on the website, along with those of previous years.


.mp3 Audio file - Treasurer

Marie D handed out the Treasurer’s report including membership list.  There are 86 paid members, one associate member, and 17 unpaid members.  Marie also handed out the financial report, noting that we took in more money than we spent.   Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report by Brenda L, second by Ron A.


Marie noted we are still awaiting a decision from the IRS regarding our tax exempt status.


C.  Committee Reports


.mp3 Audio file - Fish Report  

Fish report:  Koen reported that Dan R once again helped him stock on Mother’s Day.  This year, however, the proportion of trout stacked was changed to 50 percent each rainbows and browns with fewer but larger fish.  One DEC theory is that with the water being warmer, smaller fish are going deeper and are getting eaten.  This is also partly because there is not enough food because the Lake is so clean and nutrient poor.


Fishing Tournament:  Koen reported that 34 people, mostly children, participated in the fishing tournament.  Grayson R presented the largest trout: a brown not even a pound.  Cassie D had the largest fish overall: a two and a quarter pound largemouth.


.mp3 Audio file - Water Quality  

Water Quality:  Mark stated the CSLAP report is available on the internet and on the website.  He explained the water quality continues to be excellent as compared to many other lakes in the State.  The water is both clean and clear.  Around the State, invasive species are still a concern as well as algae bloom.


.mp3 Audio file - Sewer

Sewer Report:  Mark reported that we are at the end of the third year of the three year program to update the collection systems, including electrical controls, pumps, and tanks.  It appears that the fourth and fifth years of the additional $350 per year assessment will not be necessary.  The Town has reported that the work is 99% done and the number of service calls is noticeably down.  He summarized the plan that was outlined in 2011.


.mp3 Audio file - Committees

Committees:  Mark reiterated the need for people to commit to Committees.  A few new events were introduced this year but new events require someone to coordinate them and the Board cannot be the only driver of activities.


.mp3 Audio file - Events

Events:  We added a few more events this year including a Lake Clean-Up Day, an Ice Cream Social, a Boat Parade, and a Talent Show at the Family Picnic.  Kathy was thanked for the excellent ice cream social.  Kathy M noted that Phillip, their son, committed to the Family picnic last year, but the event is a huge undertaking and conflicts with Phillip’s other commitments.  Jestina D offered to assist in the future.


Barbara read Heather H’s report about the Family Day Sports which included 23 participants in the Gruel-a-thon, 46 children in the Field Games and 25 participants in the Water Sports.  It was  noted that 75 adults and 17 children attended the Family picnic, about 20 more than the previous  year.  Four acts participated in the first annual Talent Show.


.mp3 Audio file - Boating

Boating Safety:  Mark noted that this is a continuing issue that might benefit from a Committee.  Recent new Boating Laws need to be communicated and understood.


D.  Election of Officers


.mp3 Audio file - Election  

The terms of Mark M, Jestina D, Heather H, and Jim B expire this year.  Only Jim has expressed an interest to step down and Judy R has agreed to fill the empty seat.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Motion by Brenda to accept the proposed slate of Board members, second by Dick H.  Passed unanimously.


E.  Old Business


.mp3 Audio file - Old Business  

Buildings in Disrepair:  It was noted that one of the offensive properties has been torn down.  Members were encouraged to communicate with the Town representatives and to attend Town meetings to express their concerns.


F.  New Business


.mp3 Audio file - Lake Lowering  

Lake Lowering:  There will be lake lowering in 2015.  To do work, permits may be required, with site plan approval by the Town, DEC, and/or Army Corp of Engineers.  Members were encouraged to start the process of obtaining permits now.


.mp3 Audio file - By-Law Proposal

Associate Membership for Direct Descendants:  Larry T made a motion from the floor to change the by-laws to “Allow direct descendants of the owners to be eligible as associate members of the Association and therefore allowed to be on the Board.”   Larry said the intention is that it would be a way to get younger people involved.  William F seconded the motion.  It was noted that the motion cannot be voted on until at least next year’s meeting.  Discussion points included the following::  Associate memberships are an issue with the current IRS review.  One of the issues the IRS is currently looking at in our not-for-profit status review is the issue of Associate members.  By-laws should not be touched until an IRS decision has been made.  Some properties are held as corporations, LLCs, and trusts, which might warrant legal review.  A Committee was suggested.  There was previously a By-Laws Committee.  Those who want to participate and serve should not be excluded, but there are other ways to participate, such as committee Chairs and committee involvement.  Is there a benefit: to whom and how many?   The review would be a lot of work for [the benefit of] one or two people.  Voting rights could potentially be an issue if multiple people paid dues from one property.  Perhaps the definition of “member”, rather than associate member, needs to be reviewed.  The project needs a champion.


Larry amended his motion to be “A fact finding committee to determine the legality and appropriateness of having direct descendants of owners as associate members, taking into consideration the not-for-profit status.”  Joe R again seconded .   The majority of those in attendance voted aye but there were several nays.


G.  General Discussion and Issues from the Floor:


.mp3 Audio file - Poachers

Trespassers:  How do we patrol people who are ice fishing illegally on the Lake.  In winter, taking lake trout are illegal.  Getting DEC to patrol was suggested.


.mp3 Audio file - Speeding

Speeding:  Specifically the Stop sign at the northeast junction of Hanson and Oquaga Lake Roads, cars and trucks barreling through the intersection without slowing down creates a concern for the safety of walkers and children.  It was suggested that the intersection should be a three way stop.  The issue needs to be taken up with the local governmental agencies. 




.mp3 Audio file - Adjournment

Mark thanked those in attendance for coming and thanked Scotts for the continued use of their facilities and for the refreshments.


Mark asked for a motion to adjourn; several people moved for it and many seconded.  Accepted unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned 9:06pm.


Minutes respectfully submitted:


OLIA Secretary

August 29, 2014


Board of Directors Meeting to Appoint Officers


.mp3 Audio file - Board Meeting

Attending:  The nine available Board members,


As required by the By-Laws, the Board of Directors met immediately following the general meeting for the appointment of Officers.  The meeting was called to order at 9:07pm.  A motion was requested to maintain the current slate of officers.  Koen so moved, second by Brenda.   Passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 9:08pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted:


August 29, 2014


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