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Annual Meeting Minutes
August 28, 2011


The annual meeting of the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association was called to order at 8:00 pm on August 28, 2011, at Scotts Family Resort by President Jim B.

Thirty-four of 84 paid association member properties being represented, constituting 40% of the Association membership; therefore, a quorum was present. (By-Laws require twenty percent as a quorum.)

A. Opening Comments

Jim welcomed those in attendance, adding that it was an important meeting because of sewer system issues.

B. Approval of Minutes and Treasurer's Report

The reading of the minutes of the August 27, 2010 meeting was waived to save time; they are available on line.

Marie handed out the Treasurer’s report which Jim summarized. Total income was $9,000. Total expenses were $8,500. Total available funds are $53,000. Our goal is to have at least five years operating income in case we have an emergency. He noted that the one risk we have is the dam: should it fail in any way, new DEC regulations are extensive and expensive. Currently, our dam is in good condition; however, one required repair will be undertaken in 2015, when the Lake is again lowered.

Paid and unpaid members were discussed. Members were asked to encourage those who have not paid, to pay their share.

C. Business

Games: Larry Tremonti reported that the games were a great success, with the exception of the water sports, which were rained out. The Gruel-a-thon was new and nine teams participated, with a total of twenty people. Three people did all three legs. Sixty people participated in the Field Games. Next year there will be some adult events at the Field Games and Water Sports.

Water Quality Mark noted we have participated in the NYS DEC and NYSFOLA CSLAP program since about 1986. Nutrients, minerals, and clarity are measured. The report is available on the website. The quality is stable and the water is clear. There are some weeds in the shallows but nothing compared to other lakes. Mark reminded members not to use fertilizer and to make sure their sewer is working, to help maintain the quality of the Lake,

It was asked if there was a plan to do a chemical analysis of the Lake. Jim noted that we have a plan to deal with baseline testing, as soon the State approves gas drilling.

A concern was expressed about weed growth in certain areas. Fertilizing promotes this growth and is discouraged. A weed could be sent to DEC for analysis. Sterilized carp were suggested..

Gas Drilling has not been approved in NY State. If it is, we will do baseline testing of the Lake and we will recommend well testing by individual owners. Some owners have baselined their own wells this season.

Roads: The Town is developing a road use plan for protection of the roads. A road use map will be required before well permits are issued. The trucks will be taxed. An evaluation of the current condition of the roads is being done. County and State are involved, trying to keep road use plans common. Logging vehicles, propane delivery tracks, food supply trucks are also affected by the plan. Protection of the integrity of the Lake is a primary concern of our residents and the Town supports this.
A concern was expressed about the impact of gas drilling on our wells. Jim reminded the membership that the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association is concerned about the protection of the Lake. He reminded the membership that we are not a political body and our not-for-profit status could be jeopardized if we appear to be political. The Board is kept informed by the Town: in fact one of our members is on the Town Board. OLIA Board members attend meetings regularly on behalf of the membership.

A concern was expressed about the west side of Oquaga Lake road, which is eroding.

E-coli has been detected in some wells around the lake,. There is a remote possibility that this is related to sewer tanks. Wells should be tested and results should be forwarded to Mark M who is developing a database. Wells that sit unused in the winter should be cloroxed at the beginning of the season. Animal feces is a primary cause of e-coli.

Sewer: Jim said that five years ago he informed the membership that repairs were needed to the pumping station of the Oquaga Lake Sewer district. That repair cost about $2 million. However, the pumping station is only half of the sewer system. The other part is the collection system, which consists to the tanks, manhole covers, pumps, and electrical boxes on individual properties, which receives the sewage and moves it to the plant. These are now failing.

Jim explained that the Town operates the sewer district on our behalf and taxes us for the sewer district. However, the OLIA Board makes and has made recommendations to the Town regarding the maintenance and upkeep.

To address the 25 year old, deteriorating collection tanks, the Town hired a consultant (Barton & Loguidice) to make recommendations. Their initial recommendation was a “Cadillac” solution: a $1.6 million project bonded for 20 years, which would cost each property an additional $960 per year, for the twenty years of the bond. With OLIA Board disapproval, other proposals were offered. The OLIA Board met several times and key members met with the Town and came up with an alternative proposal.

Most important is that the electrical will be fixed first. Some pumps are failing and with updated electrical, we can better determine the reason for pump failures. Control boxes will be updated. Manhole covers need to be replaced. Some tanks are leaking.

Jim outlined a plan whereby these issues would be addressed, over the period of three to five years. As budgeted, the cost during those years would be an additional $350 per property. The Board has given guidance to the Town on these recommendations. The audio of Jim’s entire presentation regarding this matter is available on the website, on the sewer page. A copy of the hand-out, detailing plan and costs, is also available there.

Election of Officers: Jim, Bill B, Herb S, and Larry’s terms are expiring. Herb has moved out of the area; Bill has chosen not to accept another term. Mark M and Jestina D were offered as replacements. Almeda offered Heather H from the floor. After a brief discussion, Larry T stepped aside to allow for Heather’s nomination, while agreeing to continue with the activities committee. The nominations were seconded and passed unanimously.

Passages: Barbara noted the passing of Carola T. New neighbors Toni and Steven O’H have purchased 32 HR.


Jim asked for a motion to dismiss; several people moved for it and many seconded. Accepted unanimously. The meeting was adjourned 9:34.

Minutes respectfully submitted:
Barbara M
OLIA Secretary
August 27, 2010

Board of Directors Meeting to Appoint Officers

Attending: Ferris A, Jim B, Marie D, Koen G, Heather H, Dick H, Brenda L, Barbara M, Mark M,Doris S,  Larry T.

As required by the By-Laws, the Board of Directors met immediately following the general meeting for the appointment of Officers. The meeting was called to order at 9:40pm. Mark’s name was offered as Vice President; the remaining officers agreed to remain. Motion to accept the Officers as discussed. Seconded and passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 09:43pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted:
Barbara M
August 28, 2011


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