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Annual Meeting Minutes

August 26, 2005




The annual meeting of the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association was called to order at 7:52 pm on August 26, 2005 at Scotts Family Resort by President Jim Bennett. This, after the two groups who had gathered in different meeting places on the Scotts property consolidated in the meeting room beneath the dining hall. Koen, who was prepared to chair one of the meetings, gratefully handed over the invisible 'gavel’ to Jim B.




Thirty-four of 95 paid association member properties being represented, constituting 36% of the Association membership; therefore, a quorum was present. (By-Laws require twenty percent as a quorum.)


A. Opening Comments

President B welcomed everyone and promised to keep the meeting as informative, and at the same time, as brief as possible. He commented that it had been a nice summer with good weather and that we are all sorry to see the summer end.


B. Approval of Minutes and Treasurer's Report

The minutes of the August 27, 2004 meeting were read by secretary Barbara Marko. With no corrections, Dave M moved that the minutes be approved as read; second by Mort L.


Marie D presented the Treasurer’s report, noting that expenditures are within budget so far this 2005 year. Copies of the income statement and expense statement, summary of funds, and paid/unpaid members were distributed.


President B noted that it was the fifth year that income exceeded expenses.  Mort L commented that letters should be “dispatched forthwith” to those who have not yet paid dues.


The flare report was that 200 had been sold this year and there are 78 left. Motion by Mort L to accept the Treasurer’s report; second by Ferris A.


Jim added that our funds are now large enough that, while we need maintain a reserve, we need to look at investing some of it into long term investment. The Board will address this.


C. Committee Reports


Fish Committee: Once again, stocking was done on Mother’s Day and Koen G reported that we stocked only about 850 trout, as $1500 doesn’t buy as many fish as it did in the past. He also noted that fishing has not been as good as other years, because it had been so hot and the fish have probably gone deeper, and some smaller fish may have become food for the lake trout.


Regarding the J Elmer Crowley Fishing Derby, Koen commented that there were about 15 fishermen, and once again Skip K won the competition with the biggest.


Sewer: President Jim noted that the operation of the sewer district was turned over on July 1 to the Village of Deposit and asked for a report from the Sewer Committee, which was appointed as a result of the 2004 meeting.


Sewer Committee Chairperson Dick M reported on the recent tour of the plant, done on August 22, with 11 Lake residents in attendance, Three Town or Village officials (two of whom are OLIA members), and the Administrator and two operators of OLIA WWTP . He noted that the facility was clean, new looking, and that the staff was enthusiastic and on-board. Most especially, the sewer beds which had been over-grown with weeds, are now weed-free. He added that the bonding would go out for bid in November or April, based on a conversation with Dewey Decker just the day of the meeting.


Barbara added that at the tour, she requested on behalf of the OLIA, that we get a regular report of any activity done on our behalf: at the plant or on our properties. She commented she had just received the first one (July) report this week. Dick summarized that those who attended seemed to feel good about what they saw.


Questions included:

  • Is there a plan for pumping out individual tanks? The answer: not yet.

  • When is the previous bond debt paid up? The answer: it was paid last off year, and any budgeted funds for this year are in a reserve with the Town.

  • Who do we call now if the Red Light is Flashing? The OLIA Secretary will send out a new Town of Sanford contact card [Secretary’s Note: ORANGE} with next year’s opening mailing, which includes all Town of Sanford contacts, such as the OLIA Board has in their yearly directory. In the meantime, call any Board member.

Zoning Report: Jim Bennett noted the new Local Law has been enacted, and asked Mark M for a report, as he has been our ad hoc committee member. Mark stated that the new law was adopted late last year, after a one year moratorium. The new law includes an Overlay District, which has special regulations specific for the lake. The overlay is to protect development within 35 feet of the lake. He explained that the Town Attorney had compiled regulations from a number of model codes. Basically, boathouses, bulkheads, docks, cabanas, etc., would require a site plan and a zoning variance. Mark noted that a more restrictive zoning is a price that a community pays to protect the interests of the entire community, but also includes the need for plans and the involvement of affected neighbors, which is a good thing.


The question was asked about docks, and Mark replied that existing docks would be grandfathered, so long as reconstruction was done within 12 months. A question was asked about maintenance and repair: normal maintenance of existing docks in allowed within the law; only new construction will require a variance or permit.


In a related topic, the question was asked about the lowering of the lake, as this is the year. Lake lowering is scheduled to occur after October 10. Doris responded that Gary is still planning on doing it, and gave an update on his status, after his recent accident. Gary had a collapsed lung, she said, but he is back at work, playing 45 minutes a night for dancing.


D. New Business:


Boating Stickers: New, orange boat stickers are available this year. They are larger and a different color, with the intention of being more visible. Jim reminded everyone that the purpose was to identify those people who do NOT belong on the lake. We also have lanyards that can be worn be those you invite to access the lake through your property. [Secretary’s note: Stickers were handed out to those who wanted them, to those in attendance at the end of the meeting.]


Boater Safety and Swimmers: It was commented, and affirmed by others, that boating and swimming is an accident waiting to happen. Examples:

  • Water skiing or tubing without a spotter

  • Purposely skiing close to docks

  • Life jackets

  • Swimming in the boating lane

  • Skiing after sundown

Perhaps it’s time to a) republish the Boating Rules (not sent in a couple years since we thought they were posted in most cottages), and 2) re-institute the boater safety classes.   However, it was commented that the violators may very well be renters, and a copy of the boating rules might not do much good unless they are posted and the landlord makes renters aware of the rules.


Also, it was suggested a survey should be done to determine the possible candidates for a boating safety class (grandchildren). Barbara volunteered to train to do boater safety courses.


Wedding Etiquette: As Mort used to say so eloquently in his opening letters, he repeated “If there’s a wedding at the Chestnut and you’re boating or water skiing, you weren’t invited.”   People don’t know that the flag with wedding bells means that there’s a wedding going on. Please do not come close to the Chestnut when the wedding flag is out.


Family Day: Thanks to Barbara Simon for running the Family Day Games, only a just week before the Simon’s wedding. Jim commented that the picnic went very well, although attendance was a bit down because of the change of date.


Welcome to the New Neighbors: Schroeders, Powells, and the new Innkeepers Michael Daniels and Jonathan Hall were welcomed to the Lake.


Open Discussion:


John S said Hanafins has let people go and he has the name of someone else who will provide the service. Mort suggested that we should start an Association list of people who do good work. (Contact Barbara M, and we’ll publish at the beginning of next season.)


Sy K suggested that with interest rates the way they are or may be, any investment we do with our funds should be long term with least amount of penalty.


Nominating Committee: The following terms expire this year: Jim B, John S, Richard S, Herb S (filled in for Ed W resignation prior to the end of Ed’s term two years ago). All existing Board Members volunteered to remain except John S, who unnecessarily apologized for spending more time in Florida than at Oquaga these days. He recommended Bill B as a replacement. Nominations were solicited from the floor and none were offered. By a voice vote, the new proposed slate-of-officers were elected.




With thanks to Doris Scott for the use of their facility and for the refreshments, Jim asked for a motion to adjourn, which was offered by several people (but officially noted as Mort L) and seconded unanimously (but officially noted as Ferris A). Accepted unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 by Jim B, who noted it was once again a timely and efficient meeting.


Minutes respectfully submitted:

Barbara Marko

August 26, 2005


Board of Directors Meeting to Appoint Officers


Attending: Ferris A, Jim B, Bill B, Marie D, Koen G, Dick H, Brenda L, Barbara M, Doris S, Richard S, Herb S.


As required for the By-Laws, the meeting of the newly appointed and existing Board members convened at 8:51 pm on August 26 to elect Officers. A motion was made by Koen G that the current slate of officers as last year, remain in office this year. After a comment from President Jim B that perhaps … (he was cut off when someone called the question), Koen restated the motion, and several (officially Brenda) seconded. The vote was unanimous, except for Jim who was uncharacteristically silent and shaking his head. Motion officially passed by 11 to one (Jim, still shaking his head and wondering how this continues to happen to him) apparent abstention. Meeting was adjourned at 8:52 pm, perhaps the shortest meeting of the OLIA Board of Directors, and in keeping with Jim B’s “as short a meeting as possible” philosophy.


Minutes respectfully submitted:

Barbara Marko

August 26, 2005


Annual Meeting Attendees (34 Properties Represented)


Last modified: 05/27/12


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