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Boating Rules

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Oquaga Lake Boating Rules

Please Post Prominently and Comply with All Regulations

New York State Boating Laws

You are required to comply.

1.      All motor boats must be registered.

2.      Persons under 18 years of age cannot solo pilot a motor boat without a Boating Safety Certificate in the boat, or without an accompanying adult.

3.      Vehicle drunk driving rules apply to boating vessels.

4.      One approved life jacket for everyone on board plus extra life jacket for the skier.  All children under 12 must wear a jacket at all times.

5.      Horn or whistle for warning.

6.      Three visible lights for night boating; red for port, green for starboard, and white for stern.

7.      Anchor and line, and fire extinguisher are required on the boat.

8.      Operators of power boats are responsible for the wake created by their boats and any resulting damage.

9.       Against the law to water ski or tube without a spotter.  Spotter must be at least 10 years old.

10.     Against the law to ski after sundown or before sunrise..

11.     Against the law to operate in excess of 5 mph within 100 feet of shore, docks, other crafts, swimmers, or water skiers.

12.     Against the law to jump over another craft’s wake.

13.     Against the law to operate your boat without appropriate lights after sunset.

14.     Non-powered boats have the right of way.

15.     Against the law to operate closer than 100 feet from a diving flag.

Oquaga Lake Boating Regulations

Without them, there would be chaos and catastrophe.

1.        Power boats always drive in a counter-clockwise direction.  Scott’s Showboat drives in a clockwise direction.

2.       No personal water crafts (jet-skis): Never, Never, Never!

3.       Only one motor boat is allowed per rental unit.

4.       Power boat speed should be no more than 5 mph after sunset, until l0:00 am.

5.       No more than five (5) power boats pulling skiers or tubers on the lake at one time.  Five boats with skiers or tubers is a dangerous situation; use extreme caution.  Do not be the sixth boater.

6.       Never follow or parallel a skier.

7.       Skiers:  You must wear an approved ski vest; belts are against the law.  Vests should be florescent red, orange, or yellow vest.  With other boats pulling skiers, you want to stand out like a sore thumb.

8.       Skiers:  When you fall, raise your hand so the spotter will know you are ok.  If your boat must leave you, hold a ski vertically out of the water so you can be seen by other boats.

9.       Drivers: Avoid high speed, flashy turns to pick up your downed skier.  It is dangerous.

10.     Swimmers:  Swim parallel to the shore.  Further than 75 feet from shore, have a guard boat; you are in danger of power boats.  At dusk, at northern part of the lake (along Hanson Rd), a swimmer is nearly invisible from power boaters.  Use caution.

Use CCC:  Care, Courtesy, Common Sense.

Town of Sanford Boating Laws

The use of personal watercraft (jet skis) and

prop-craft is prohibited on Oquaga Lake.


Last modified: 06/27/17

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