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Annual Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2010


The annual meeting of the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association was called to order at 8:05 pm on August 27, 2010, at Scotts Family Resort by President Jim B.

Twenty-seven of 93 paid association member properties (and one unpaid) being represented, constituting 30% of the Association membership; therefore, a quorum was present. (By-Laws require twenty percent as a quorum.)

A. Opening Comments

Jim welcomed those in attendance.

B. Approval of Minutes and Treasurer's Report

The minutes of the August 28, 2009 meeting were read by secretary Barbara M. Motion to accept the minutes as read by Steve Schneider, second by David S.

Marie delivered the Treasurer’s report. She noted that it was the first year since 2001 that we have spent more than we took in, explaining that the three reasons for this were 1) less income; 2) higher expenses, and 3) a large inventory of flares, which we buy in volume for a cost break. The list of paid/unpaid members was distributed. Marie noted that, as of the meeting, fourteen were unpaid. She added that at the end of the fiscal year 2009, ten properties had not paid. Motion to accept the report by Steve S, second by Dick H.

C. Business

Fish Committee: Koen reported we stocked $1600 of fish on the second Sunday in May: 90% rainbow, 10% browns, There were 40 participants in the fishing derby. Skip did not win. Danny Rogers had a 10 ½ pound lake trout. The tournament will continue on or about with July 4th. The Anonymous Donor was thanked. Koen was thanked for his efforts.

Sewer: Jim thanked Mark M for his continued work on behalf of the Association. Mark said that he had spoken with the people who maintain our sewer system. He stated that there are starting to be more issues with the collection systems on the individual properties, such as pumps and the related electrical systems.

Well Testing: Mark asked again that the results of individual well water testing be forwarded to him so that he can develop a database. Any negative results to date have been random. Negative results are not necessarily because of the sewer system but could be a result of the age of the well, a critter getting into it, and other factors. He encouraged that the membership continue to test annually.

CSLAP. Mark noted that we are in the twenty-fifth year of testing with DEC and NYSFOLA The report continues to be much of the same: lake is clear, low in nutrients, no algae, although the are some weeds. He encouraged those to put their boats in other bodies of water, to be conscious of bringing outside weeds and species into our Lake.

Gas Drilling Update: Jim reported that he continued to attend meetings, especially those of the Delaware River Commission but that at the moment, nothing is going on in New York State. He said he will continue to attend to make sure that when the State does something, the lake will be protected.

Activities: Jim noted that the attendance at the opening party has been decreasing over the past few years and noted some reasons for this, including the day (4th of July and people having company), the venue (lack of beverages), and non-participation of new owners. He suggested alternatives were being discussed but the opening party will continue. He encouraged continued participation.

Family Day games were discussed. Jim noted that volunteers are always needed and are sometimes last minute. Larry T has volunteered to run the event next year. It was agreed that the games are a tradition that should be continued. Also, it was noted that ownership is not an issue with participation in association events. Children and grandchildren are encouraged to participate in any event, as we are a community.

The Picnic was discussed. Attendance was also down and it was agreed that this is another event that the kids enjoy, but planning is difficult since there’s no way of knowing the attendance. Suggestions on improving the event were solicited. Jim noted that the number of people who cook, set-up, and clean-up is always exceptional and appreciated.

The Chestnut Inn: Jim reported that has talked to Bill M and they are still looking to sell or lease the Inn. He stated they have had “interested parties but none of interest.” Bill assured Jim that they are proceeding with the best interest of the Lake in mind.

Issues: Jim noted that the most complaints he has heard were about noise, boating, and skiing after dark. Also, there are still concerns about fisherman trespassing across our private properties to gain access to the Lake. If you see this happening, you are encouraged to ask trespassers to leave.

Lake Lowering: Jim reminded the members that the lake will be lowered this year, on about October 18th.

Wild Parsnip: Jim reported that a botanist had noted this dangerous flowering plant around the lake and encouraged members to make themselves familiar with the risks.

Comments from the Floor:

Barb C thanked the membership for their support at the Wilson Children Center Gala.

Tim B thanked the membership for their support during the previous year, after his accident.

Election of Officers: Ferris, Barbara, Doris had expiring terms. All have agreed to remain. Barb C was nominated for the open seat. There were no other nominations. Motion from Koen, second from Mort, and passed unanimously.

Closing: Scotts was thanked for the use of their facilities. Those present were thanked for attending.

Jim asked for a motion to dismiss; several people moved for it and many seconded. Accepted unanimously. The meeting was adjourned 9:10.

Minutes respectfully submitted:
Barbara M
OLIA Secretary
August 7, 2010

Board of Directors Meeting to Appoint Officers

Attending: Ferris A, Jim B, Bill B, Marie D, Koen G, Dick H, Brenda L, Barbara M, Doris S, Herb S, Larry T.

As required by the By-Laws, the Board of Directors met immediately following the general meeting for the appointment of Officers. The meeting was called to order at 9:09pm. Motion to accept the existing the Officers. Second and passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 09:11pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted:
Barbara M
August 27, 2010

In Attendance (28 properties):
Dinner at Scotts (29):

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