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Association Annual Meeting

Friday, August 29, 2003


The annual meeting of the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association was called to order at 7:35 pm on August 29, 2003 at Scotts Family Resort by President Jim B.


Thirty-three of 90 paid association members present, constituting more than 37% of the Association membership; therefore, a quorum was present.

A.  Opening Comments

President B commented that it had been a good summer and he hoped all the Association members had enjoyed and taken full advantage of it.

B.  Approval of Minutes and Treasurer's Report

Marie D presented the Treasurerís report, noting that expenditures are within budget so far this year 2003.  Copies of the income statement and expense statement, summary of funds, and paid/unpaid members were distributed.

Motion to accept the Treasurerís report by Mort Levy, second by Ferris.  Passed unanimously.

Secretaryís Report:  Barbara M read the minutes of last yearís meeting.

Motion to accept as read by Steve S, second by Mort.  Passed unanimously.

C.  Committee Reports

Membership Report:  President Bennett announced the new members of our Association:

  • Dave & Jeanne Sr and family, who arrived late last year, at the former Levene/Zuckerman place.

  • Bill and Kathy K and their two children, in the former Krach/Moses cottage.

  • Hans and Leonie and their three children, at the former Williams place.

  • Madison Marie Dawson, newborn daughter of Ladd and Jestine, granddaughter of Norm and Sandy D.

Passages:  While we welcome out new neighbors, we are sorry to say good-by to other Association members:

  • Bill P, who passed away since last summer.  The Association expresses its condolences to the Paulsen and Carey families.

  • Mary Ann and Allen Williams, who are relocating to Virginia.  The Association wishes them well.

Fish Committee:  Koen G reported that we stocked only 850 rainbows (instead of 900) and 100 browns.  We have seen a lot of nice fish again this year.   We stocked (as usual) on Motherís Day, and we paid no tax on the fish, as we are classified as a Fish Stocking Fund.  We pay no tax on fish, as fish are categorized as food.  Stocking is going well, and we propose to do the same next year. 

Bill Paulsen Fish Stocking Donation:  Barbara reported about the generous and wonderful donation made by the Paulsen Family to the Fish Stocking Fund.  Every year, for many years, the Paulsen Family has had a family reunion at Billís hunting lodge.  There, the family auctions off heirlooms, and arts and crafts to each other, and then donates the funds to a worthy cause, including American Cancer Society; Childrenís Burn Hospital; a home for abused women; Sky Lake Building Fund.  This year, the Family voted to donate the funds to the Oquaga Lake Fish Stocking Fund.  We thank the Paulsen Family for their generosity.

Boat Stickers:  As discussed last year, a boat decal committee was established and all Lake residents received a letter regarding our decal program.  The attendees were reminded that every resident watercraft should be identified.  Guest lanyards are also available for your visitors to wear when they use their watercraft to the lake.  You can get decals and guest badges from the Association Secretary.


Where should the sticker should be placed: this is explained in the letter accompanying your sticker, and is on the side of the boat that is visible from shore when moving counter-clockwise or proper boating on the Lake.

Scottís asked that the Association issue membership cards to residents, to help them identify residents from others.  The Board agreed we would do this.

D.  New Business:

Sewer Report:

President Jim reported that many of the Board members have attended the three Town of Sanford Board Meetings regarding the Oquaga Lake Sewer District Meetings.

He thanked Dewey Decker, Town Supervisor, for inviting us to participate in this issue.  While it is our problem as owners of the sewer district, the Town has an obligation to assist us with its resolution.

Particulars are as follows:

  • The DEC studied reports from 1998 to 2003.

  • There are serious violations.

  • If remedies are not proposed within the 90 day deadline, the State can fine us $25K per day

  • We, as an Association, can be held individually liable for these fees.

  • The Town, on our behalf, was able to solicit an abeyance of the fines from $3,000 to $1,000 and $350,000 to $50,000.

  • The Town, on our behalf, hired a consulting engineering firm to research and submit a report, and provide a proposed plan to bring us into compliance.

  • Work sessions between the Association Board, Town Board, and consulting firm were held in June, July, and August.

  • The State required a plan for improvements be submitted by August 28 and the Board approved the joint Association and Town of Sanford plan, and met that date.

As a result of this, the Boardís estimate as to the impact of this issue is:

  • All lake residents are members of the sewer district.

  • There are 193 unit, including 47 at Scotts, 13 at the Chestnut.

  • Currently, per unit, we are paying $250 per year tax against capital coat, and $180 per year annually for operating cost, or about $437 per unit manager (including tax and maintenance).

  • We are fortunate the amortization of the original project expires in 2003.

  • We need to develop a system that meets state standards.

  • Total obligation will be about $744K, to meet State standards and the Boards additional recommendations

  • Funding will be under a public bond, and could potentially be under the $744K amount.

  • The Board has reviewed all the components of the consultantís plan.

  • The State has the opportunity to make the loan.

  • The term rate may be 2%, and could be subsidized by the State.

  • The Board anticipates, but cannot promise, and increase from $437 per unit to somewhere between $457 and as much as $537 per unit

  • The Board believes that, with the Boardís oversight, we can come in under estimate.  However, there is no guarantee.

Jim said that the good new is that this is the worst story we have to report.  The bad news is that we hope this is the worst case scenario.


Why didnít we know we were ultimately responsible for the Sewer District?  Jim responded that we know now and must move forward from here.  The Board is and will continue addressing this.

Why are we not compliant now?  Jim responded that there are constant changes in regulations.  No one is to blame.

Who will oversee the project?  Jim responded that the Board will, in conjunction with the Town of Sanford.

What is the schedule?  Jim explained that the proposal was sent to the State on time, and that the start of the next phase will be next year, going to bid next May/June.  The new system should be in place in 2005.

Why do we still have Bob Mills?  He knows our district.  He may not always have had equipment he needed, but getting him that equipment is part of our new plan.

Have we checked the original contract?  Original contracts donít exist or canít be found.

Improved Communications:

Newsletter:  Wendy Paulsen-Carey is restarting the newsletter.  She has been taking pictures, and is accepting news items.  A mailing announcing the newsletter was done earlier in August; mailbox flyers also went out.  Deadline for news is September 10, with a publishing date of September 15.

Website:  www.oquaga.com will be maintained by Secretary Barbara Marko. 


First Annual J Elmer Crowley Fishing Tournament: only six people participated.  Hopefully more people will participate next year.

Ring of Fire:  Herb and Alice S were thanked for their help with the Ring of Fire, which was again, very nice this year.

Cocktail Party:  ninety-five adults attended.

July Progressive Dinner: twenty-six attended.

Field and Water Sports Day: about 35 children participated in the Family Day events.

Family Picnic: again as in the year before, about one hundred fifty attended.

August Progressive Dinner: twenty-two attended.

Annual Meeting:  as noted above, 33 of 90 paid member properties attended the annual meeting. 

The same events are planned for next year; any additional suggestions are welcome.

Care and Feeding of the Lake:

A copy of the State water quality report is available.  Contact Mark M or Barbara M. 

Also, see the Latest Newsletter page (link pending) for Koen's summary, after having read the NYSFOLA report in detail!

Barbara M reported that the Association has joined and will send representatives to attend next yearís meeting.  She and her husband have volunteered to attend the conference next May.

Nominating Committee:

Steve reported that there are four expiring terms (Marie Dt, Koen G, Dick H, and Mort L) and there is one un-expired term with the resignation of Ed W.

Mort and Ed were thanked for their many years of service to the Association.

The following names were proposed for the term expiring 2006: Marie D, Koen G, Dick H, Brenda L.  Herb S was proposed to fill the un-expired term which ends in 2005.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Jim accepted a motion from Gail S that the Secretary enter one vote on behalf of the Association; second by Dave M.

The President thanks Ed W for his many years of supporting the Association and being our year round representative.  He also thanked Dr L , adding that his service would continue, as when we now have Brenda on the board, we get the package.

E.  Open Discussion

There were many groans and ďoh noísĒ when it was stated that there has been a beaver sighting: the first one reported this year.  We will look into getting the trapper right away.

Ski boats close to the floats and platforms and docks are against New York State law (100 feet from a floating object).

The distance of floating dock from shore was questioned: we know of no regulation, but 75 feet was suggested.

Water skiing before 10 am is against Association rules but continues to be a practice of some of our neighbors.  We should encourage our neighbors to be considerate.

In line with water skiing noise, there is work going on around the lake early in the morning.  Can we regulate the start of work time?  The Board believes this is difficult to regulate.

With the Elmer Crowley cottage being for sale, the question was asked as to what would happen to the History Book.  Dave M, whose wife Virginia participated in the original project, and Barbara M will contact Bob Crowley to see what can be worked out.

 How are we going after unpaid dues:  the Board has taken the position that it will take remedies against those who do not pay.


With thanks to Doris Scott for the use of their facility and for the refreshments, Jim asked for a motion to adjourn, which was offered by Steve S and seconded by Dave M.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 by Jim B.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted

Barbara Marko

Board of Directors Meeting to Appoint Officers

Attending:  Ferris A, Jim B, Marie D, Koen G, Dick H, Brenda L, Barbara M, Doris S, Steve S, John S, Richard S, Herb S.

As required for the By-Laws, the meeting of the newly appointed and existing Board members convened at 8:52 pm on August 29 to elect Officers.  A motion was made by Steve S that the current slate of officers remain in office this year.  After a comment from President Jim Bt that perhaps the responsibility of President should perhaps be should be shared or passed around, the motion was called and simultaneously seconded by Dick H and Herb S and others.  Passed unanimously.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:54 pm.


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