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Ice Cream Social Survey

Please take a few minutes to to help us improve future events.


Did you / your family participate in the Ice Cream Social?     Yes      No

If not, why not?      

      Was not at the Lake

      Had guests to entertain at the cottage   
      Not interested in the event
      I prefer not to answer   

      Other; specify            


If yes, please rate the following statement:   "The Ice Cream Social met my expectations."

    Strongly Agree         Agree          Neither Agree nor Disagree          Disagree          Strongly Disagree   


Who participated. Check all that apply.


     Adult Children/Parents   


How many  people attended in each of these age ranges:

           Under 5 years

           6 years to 12 years

           13 years to 17 years

           18 years to 30 years

           31 years to 54 years

           55 and older


Did you visit the Lakeside Room for the adult Neighborhood Reunion?     Yes      No

What did you like about the Ice Cream Social?



What could be improved at a future Ice Cream Social?



Any other suggestions or comments to improve the event.



Name (Optional):      


Contact me to discuss at       If under 18 years of age, indicate age: 


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