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Fall 2017  Updated for September 10, 2017

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If you want to contact us, e-mail (olia@oquaga.com), or call and leave a message at 467.1897.  Weekly Lake Event updates at 467.1897.


If you know of anything we should let the Neighbors know, tell us at olia@oquaga.com or barbara@oquaga.com.


 Annual Meeting Minutes August 25, 2017


Opening Mailing Documents in PDF Format

     Opening Letter

     Events Calendar

     Independence Day Events

     Fishing Derby Flyer


Passages (Updated 9/10/17)  Click the link for obituary.

      Burton Koffman on September 20, 2017.

     Joseph Hester, former neighbor, on September 26, 2017.

     David Smith, Deposit and Oquaga Lake neighbor on August 22, 2017.

     Ferris Akel, long time Lake friend whose Family continues to support our community, May 19, 2017. 

     Chris McDonald, neighbor and friend, passed away on May 4, 2017.     

Quick Links to Headlines (Updated 3/29/17)

      Scotts Announces Memorial Day Start of Summer

      Summer Schedule Coming Together!  Mark Your Calendar

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NEW!  Local Eateries Planning to eat out or to take-away, check out menus from the local cafes and restaurants.  A work in progress; a few more to be added.  Thanks for supporting local businesses.  Mention that you saw the menu on the Oquaga Lake website.  It won't get you a discount but will promote more good will in the community we all love.

Scotts Announces Memorial Day Start of Summer

Join us this Memorial Day Weekend (May 26th to the 29th) for our 2017 season kickoff!

  • Friday Night Friday Night OPENING PARTY AT PATTY’S PUB

  • Sunday Night “ANSWER THE MUSE”. Enjoy an uplifting musical experience with Jai & Jon Meyerhoff & their band. $12 cover fee

  • Yoga Classes with Jai (Linda). Saturday and Sunday from 10:45am to 11:30am. $15 per person

  • Combo Package: Yoga and a ticket to Answer The Muse for $23.

Once again this summer: weekend BBQ’S will be available.  NEW THIS SEASON: Soup & Sandwich of the day available in the Playhouse.


Watch for more Events

  • Fishing Contest-catch and release

  • Bonfire & S’mores Party

  • Trivia

  • Talent Show/Sing-a-long with Gary at the Piano Bar

Let Scotts know if there is something you would like to see included!  Call Patty at 298-6083 or 467-3127.


Summer Schedule Coming Together!  Mark Your Calendar for These Events.  Sponsor in ().

      EVENTS IN RED ARE PRELIMINARY dates and times.  Watch for your Opening Mailing for final details.

     Friday, May 26: Scotts Opening Party, Patty's Pub, 5pm (Scotts)

     Saturday and Sunday, May 27 and 28: Yoga Classes (Scotts)

     Sunday, May 28th: Answer the Muse (Scotts)

     July Fourth Weekend (OLIA)

          Adult Opening Cocktail Party, Friday June 30

          Family Social Event, Monday July 3

          Fishing Derby, Mondaly July 3

          Boat Parade, Monday July 3,  at dusk before the Ring of Fire

          Ring of Fire, July 3 at :9:30
     Saturday, July 1st: Entertainment - Beard of Bees (Scotts)
     Saturday, July 8th: Entertainment - Rooster (Scotts)

     Saturday, July 15th Entertainment b Trivia (Scotts)
     Friday, August 4th: Entertainment - Rooster (Scotts)

     Saturday, August 5th: ALWAYS the first Saturday in August:  Family Day  (OLIA) with Gruel-a-thon, Filed Games, Water Sports, and Family Picnic.  DJ Steve is back!
     Saturday, August 19th: Gala with DJ Freddie Medoza of Rooster (Wilson Children's Center is back at Scotts!)

     Friday, August 25: ALWAYS the last Friday in August : Annual Membership Meeting (OLIA)
     Saturday, September 2nd: Entertainment - Beard of Bees (Scotts)


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Patty Announces Summer 2017

      Boat Launch Form

   Tracy Maines Cookbook For A Cause

   Important Information for Property Owners

      Sewer Responsibility: Town and Owner

      Building Permits Required

   Lending Library

   Welcome Signs Not For Advertising

News Flashes (updated 2/18/17)

Wilson Children's Gala Returns to Scotts - So mark your Summer calendar for August 19, 2017.  Freddie Mendoza (of Rooster) will DJ.

First Time Grandparents - Mark and Kathleen have joyfully announced the birth of their first grandchild Lucas James.   Kathleen's words were "Looks like Andrew" and Mark's were "We're gonna need a bigger boat.  ...  He's a cutie."  Lucas arrived on Valentine's Day to son Andrew and the new Mom Diana, weighing 9 pounds and measuring 19 inches.  Definitely a Keeper.

Del Simek - We are sorry to hear about the passing of our Friend and Neighbor Delores Simek this past December in Florida.  A memorial service is planned by the Family for later this year. More news as available.  Please e-mail olia@oquaga.com if you would like contact information.

Rentals - It's that time of year when owners and potential renters make their Summer plans.  If you are either, please notify olia@oquaga.comRenters: please include "I Want To Rent" on the subject line.  Your e-mail will be forwarded to owners who have available property, and it will be up to the owners to contact and follow up with you.  Owners: if you have a property with weeks or Season available, please sand an e-mail with availability.  Here's the first listing of the Season:

      Available "... a fully furnished and well-appointed 1 bedroom cottage ... hoping to find a season long renter for."   

                 Reply to olia@oquaga,com. and the owner will contact you.

New Owners, but not new Neighbors.  Congratulations to Kurt, Barbara, and sons on their recent acquisition of the family cottage.  We're glad you're still in the neighborhood.  Welcome to the responsibilities of Lake ownership!

Patty Announces Another Upcoming Season at Scotts  (1/14/17)

January 3, 2017

Dear Oquaga Lake Friends & Neighbors,

Happy New Year from the Holdrege, Hallock, and Scott families! We hope you had a lovely holiday season, and wish you all the best for 2017!

We would like to thank all of you who came out to support our efforts this last summer to keep Scott's going as long as we can! We are excited to announce we will be opening again in 2017! Things will be along the same lines as last year, with the Playhouse office open daily and Patty's Pub open most nights and weekends during the summer. We will be grilling on the weekends, and hope to get many bands and fun activities planned for the summer months. Make sure to-Like our Facebook page (Scott's Oquaga Lake House, Inc.) to keep updated on the happenings. You can also sign up for our mailing list there as well.

If you are looking for a spot to have a birthday party, anniversary party, baby shower, company picnic, or any other special event, please keep us in mind. We would love to work with you to create the perfect celebration! We also have rooms available if you need extra space for company.

Once again, we will be offering use of the boat launch for the 2017 season. Enclosed is the new registration form. We ask that you please fill one out as completely as possible, and return to us before the start of the season to ensure proper credit. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best wishes for a great winter, and we look forward to seeing you in a few months!

Sincerely yours,

Patty, Gary, and Family

New office phone#:  298-6083

Patty & Gary home#:  467-3127

2017 Boat Registration Form

Neighbor Tracy's Cookbook Benefits CHOW Food Bank  (1/24/17)

Order yours here.

Tracy Maines writes:

"I have some exciting news to share with ... fellow Oquaga Lake residents!  I have completed writing and printing/publishing a cookbook that features my favorite kitchen on earth which happens to be at our cottage on Oquaga Lake.  The cookbook is 295 pages of my own and family recipes along with a plethora of photos that I have taken of not only the prepared dishes but the very picturesque Oquaga lake.  The basic story line is all about sharing good food with friends and family while enjoying the never ending (ever so much fun) lake life.

The second "plot" to the cookbook is 100% of the profits will be donated to The Food Bank of the Southern Tier.  I have volunteered for this non-profit for a few years and have witnessed the dire need to feed the hungry in our community including Deposit, NY.  My goal is to raise $15,000 which in turn will provide about 45,000 meals.  ...

The book can be purchased directly through me for $30. I will accept cash or checks and also would be happy to hand deliver, mail or ship accordingly. Shipping charges would apply. "

We believe the residents of Oquaga Lake will be proud to be a part of this endeavor and ... in sharing their precious lake with others.

Here's what you can expect from Tracy's Cookbook:

       Excerpt from the Cookbook: Hunger in America     The Cookbook     Sample Recipe     Sample Photo

To order your copy, you can use the link to contact her.  The books will also available for purchase in about twenty (20) stores in Binghamton, NY; list will be added here when available.



Attention Property Owners in the Oquaga Lake Sewer District:

The Town of Sanford has contacted the OLIA to advise that property owners have been building over and paving over the sewer system. The Town asked that we remind all property owners within the Oquaga Lake Sewer District of the following:

1. The Town owns the sewers, the septic tank, the pump chamber and pumps, and the electrical panel housing the pump controls.

2. The Town has a legal easement on each property for the installation, maintenance and repair of the Town owned sewer system components.

3. The Town is responsible to pump out each septic tank every 3-4 years and to conduct preventive maintenance on the sewer pumps and controls. The Town cannot perform this function where tanks are no longer accessible because the property owners have built over or paved over the installations

4. The Town must also be able to respond to emergencies such as pump failures, replacement of defective tanks, etc.

5. The property owner owns and remains responsible for any required maintenance and repair of the sewer pipe from the house to the septic tank.

If the pipe between the house and the tank becomes clogged or needs replacement, the cost of the work is entirely the responsibility of the property owner.

In situations where the Town needs to access a septic tank or pump chamber for routine maintenance, inspection, pump out or replacement, there is typically no cost to the property owner unless the property owner constructed a deck, steps, pavement, garden or landscaping over the tanks effectively blocking access.

In short, do not landscape or build over or around the manhole covers.  If the Town needs to access the covered tanks, any cost associated with replacing or repairing the landscaping or structures over the manholes after tank repair is the responsibility of the property owner.

You may have purchased a property that had pre-existing obstructions to the manholes and tanks.  When you took title to the property, you assumed with it all rights and responsibilities.

Building Permits Are Required on Oquaga Lake Properties:

Also, it may be a good time to remind Oquaga Lake Property Owners in the LPO zone to be mindful of the need for building permits.

The Lake Protection Overlay Zone establishes criteria aimed at protecting the shoreline area of the lake. The LPO consists of all properties between the lake shore and Hanson Road and Oquaga Lake Road. Within this area set back distance have been adopted to prevent development close to the lake shore and neighboring properties. Standards have been developed for docks including height and size restrictions. The Local Law is posted on our website. It is very important to review the Local Law and the requirements applicable to the LPO before starting a project. For many properties in the LPO,  it will be necessary to apply to the Planning Board for Site Plan approval BEFORE the Town can issue a building permit.

Additionally, any work in the lake will likely require permits from the NYSDEC and US Army Corp of Engineers.

The Local Laws and requirements for Site Plan approval are aimed at protecting the natural beauty of the lake shore for all to enjoy.


Lake Appropriate Lending Library:  Contact Barbara@oquaga.com.  Synopses of the books to follow.

The current Library titles include:

     Diet for a Small Lake: the Expanded Guide to NYS Lake and Watershed Management

     Landscaping for Wildlife and Water Quality

     Life on the Edge: Owning Waterfront Property

     The Secret Life of  Lake: The Ecology of Northern Lakes & Their Stewardship

     Through the Looking Glass: A Field Guide to Aquatic Plants


The Welcome Signs Are "No Post" Areas

The Welcome Signs at the northwest and the northeast corners of the lake are No Placard / No Advertising zones.  As you have work done at your property, your contractor may request to post their signs.  But remember your neighbor may use another vendor who may also ask the same permission.  Please acknowledge your contractor's request by offering a spot on your property. 

But please keep in mind that the areas of the Welcome sIgns are non-partisan and non-advertising zones.  Please respect the Welcome signs as community property and devoid of all things controversial, editorial, and unharmonious.


RECENT!  posted 11/27/16  Koo Koose has become the local hang-out.  Spotted there on Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving:  Charles and Ann L having dinner with friends.  Wendy C and her son David, stopping after a last minute run to the grocery store.  (You didn't have to, but thanks for dinner!)   Newest owners Kurt and son Kurt, after a trip to the scrap metal bin while Barb and son Mark continued to clean the cottage that is newly theirs, but has been in their family for years.  Congrats, new neighbors.  We're happy to have you back.  But did we tell you that the annual dues were raised at the August general membership meeting?  (It doesn't matter: these people have loved the Lake for more years than lots of us have been here.)  Also sharing a beverage at Koo Koose that evening were prominent Deposit locals Pete H and his son-in-law Mark T.   Kat was behind her bar.  A fun time was had by all.  Later in the evening, there was a benefit for a local child with some long term medical issues. 

Several neighbors had Thanksgiving at the Lake and will now be closing their cottages.

Monday (November 21) we had our first snow day throughout the area and most of the schools in the area were closed:  18 inches of fluffy stuff on my lake road porch which quickly reduced to about six, and Tuesday morning there was another twelve inches of fluffy lake effect on the porch, which also settled quickly to a couple inches.

In case you didn't know, Koo Koose - which was once the name of the (Deposit) village - is reportedly an Indian term meaning "Land of Many Owls".  

Happy Birthday, Oquaga Lake Improvement Association!

As noted at the beginning of the Annual Membership Meeting, August 27th is the 110th Anniversary of the incorporation of the the Oquaga Lake Improvement Association.  The original document was signed by 23 members in 1906,.  It's important to note our mission remains the same:  "... to preserve, improve and protect Oquaga Lake and the lands adjoining the same and bordering thereon ..."   You can see a copy on the original document from the Documents page or by clicking Articles of Incorporation here.  On the Documents page, there's also a link to the original 1907 By-Laws, as well as the 2016 version of the By-Laws, which were recently revised and adopted at the Annual Membership Meeting.


2016 Documents - Samples of Annual Documents and Events


Calendar of Events           MS Word version       PDF (Adobe) version

Independence Day Celebration Calendar,  Sunday July 3

        MS Word version       PDF (Adobe) version

Opening Letter   MS Word version     PDF (Adobe) version



“The night sky is the world’s largest national park

with its stark beauty available to anyone who steps outside and looks up.”

 –Geoff Chester, US Naval Observatory


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