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June 2012

Dear Fellow Oquaga Lakers, 

The 2012 season is about to unfold.  After a very mild winter, things at the lake are beginning open up.  Folks are returning to set up for the season. Again this season we anticipate a quiet summer as no progress has been announced for gas drilling in our NY area.  As you know they are still working in PA side of the border and we hope quietly.


We still expect to conduct a baseline test of the lake’s water quality whenever plans are announced for gas drilling in NY.  This project is being guided by Mark M, our resident clean water guru.


There have been no announcements on the future of the Chestnut Inn, but we have heard the offering price has been lowered to deal with weak market conditions.  We can only hope that a buyer will step forward bring the Inn back to its former prominence.


The adult opening party will be held on Saturday, June 30 at Scott’s on the waterfront starting at 1 pm.

Each property owner of the Lake Association may purchase, for $12.00 per ticket, up to two tickets to the party.  The tickets will cover the cost of the meal and two drinks for beer, wine or soda.  Guest tickets will be available for $22.00 per person.  Please make your reservations with Barbara M at 467-1897 by June 23rd.


This year the 4th falls on Wednesday and therefore requires our Ring of Fire event to be held on Wednesday evening. The lighting of the flares will be at 9:30 PM.  Flares will be available from Koen and Annelie G (Yellow Bird) 48 Hanson Rd, as was last year flares will be $6.00 a piece or three for $15.00.  The flares will be by the garage on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th only.




The Tenth Annual Elmer Crowley Memorial Fishing Derby will be held on Wednesday, July 4nd starting at 7AM with registration at the Old Fishing Master's dock.  That is the Koen G dock.  The old master himself will be there to judge the fish and award the prizes.  Remember there are both adult and child categories with world class prizes for the winners.


Please call the old fishing master himself at 467-4969 if you have any questions.



The annual Family Day activities are scheduled for Saturday 4 August to start at 9 AM with a family event, followed by a 10:00 start for the kids field events and water events starting at 1:30.  All events will be held at Scott’s.  Larry T has again this year put together a special day with trophies for the winners to be awarded at the Family picnic.  The picnic will begin at 6PM at “Lookout Cookout”.

Volunteers are necessary, so please call Larry for the morning events at 467-5198 and Jim Bennett for the picnic at 467-5575.


Again this season the folk’s at Scott’s have graciously allowed lake residents  and their guest access to the lake through their boat launch area. The Scott’s have requested that we follow a few simple rules:

1.  Please stop at the lobby  of the hotel to pick up the key to the launch and sign the launch log book.

2.  Bring your boat and trailer to the launch by going along Playhouse Road and backing into the launch.

3.  The gate must locked up when you finish launching your boat.

4.  Exit the launch area by driving by the farm house to the main road.

5.  Please stay off the grass on either side of the launch access.

6.  Do not leave your trailer in the launch area.

7.  Please return the key to the lobby of the hotel.


Don’t forget to place your orange stickers on your boat for identification.  If you need new stickers contact Barbara M at 467-1897 and she will assist you.  We will also have stickers available at the opening party.

We have had some uninvited fishermen on the lake.  Remember crossing private property to access the lake is trespassing and against the law.  We stock the lake at our expense for the benefit of the lake residents, not for poachers who fish illegally.  Check for their boat stickers and ask the violators to leave. 




As you know, we have serious issue in updating our sewer system and at the last Association Annual Meeting the membership overwhelmingly approved the OLIA board’s recommendations to repair the system.  The Town of Sanford also approved the Board’s plan as did the consulting engineering firm.


As a result the sewer district has started the repair process and is making excellent progress.  As of May 3rd only 25 residents have not received the electrical upgrade and the pump inspection.  Each resident has received all new wiring coming from the electrical box over to the pump tank.  New conduit was installed where needed.  All old components have been removed with only the breaker and the heater remaining.  A new water proof electrical box has been installed in each tank to protect the new wiring.


Two new floats have been installed while removing three floats from the old system, simplifying the system dramatically (one float turns the pump on and off, the other works the alarm system).  Preventive maintenance was performed during the winter season and six bad pumps were discovered and replaced.


The county and the town have located all the access man hole covers in the road way and a project is started to install risers to bring them up to roadway grade.  When this is done, the inspection of the pipe system can be accomplished by running cameras thru the 6” pipes to determine necessary repairs.


OLIA has expressed our appreciation to the Sanford Town Board for their strong support and for reacting to our needs to secure our district sewer system.




The State of New York has issued a contract for the repairs to the bridge on Oquaga Lake Road going into town on the East side of the lake. The bridge was scheduled to be closed all summer.  The DOT has now informed us that the project has been rescheduled next spring (March to June).  Expect to be detoured next Memorial Day.




The Friday night tradition of gathering for a social hour of fun and frivolity continues at Scott’s or River Run at 5pm until whenever.  There will be a message on Barbara’s answering machine (467-1897) with this week’s venue.  Come and join with your Lake friends and neighbors for an hour or two of fun.




Enclosed with this letter is the invoice for your Lake Association dues.  Your prompt attention to this invoice will help to control expenses and insure our financial security.  Thank you in advance for your continued support.



For the Board of Directors




Last modified: 05/27/12


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